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Picture of A.I Face Serum

A.I Face Serum

Concentrated serum with a superior texture and feel
104,37 €
Picture of A-Firm Intensive Face & Neck Collagen Serum

A-Firm Intensive Face & Neck Collagen Serum

30ml Collagen is boosted and skin's suppleness, strength and resilience are improved. Draws moisture into the skin thus boosting moisture content. It is clinically proven to increase firmness of the neck and elasticity of the face after 14 days, and increase tightening effect on the neck and face after 28 days
24,88 €
Picture of A-Firm Restore Skin Saver Elixir

A-Firm Restore Skin Saver Elixir

30ml This luxurious serum is formulated with exclusive Acti4 Complex™ to help protect skin against four environmental stresses that can dramatically accelerate skin ageing: dehydration, photo-oxidation, UV exposure and pollution. Clinically proven to reduce redness and fight free radicals caused by UV radiation, it also significantly increases skin’s hydration levels after just one application and keeps it hydrated for 24 hours. It is clinically proven to improve skin’s firmness, elasticity and smoothness in 14 days
20,87 €
Picture of Alpha Lipoic Activator Serum

Alpha Lipoic Activator Serum

A super antioxidant, anti-ageing booster that assists in reversing the signs of photo ageing and premature ageing caused by sun, stress, pollutants and other factors.
50,51 €
Picture of Collagen Smoothing Serum 50ml

Collagen Smoothing Serum 50ml

42,34 €
Picture of Corrective Serum

Corrective Serum

Multi active serum in a cream concentrate for the specialised treatment of problematic skin in adults to restore skin health.
49,63 €
Picture of Hydrobalance Extreme Serum

Hydrobalance Extreme Serum

30ml A concentrated serum to improve skin's hydration. It increases the skin's defences against UV stress and DNA damage. It assists in natural exfoliation. It is clinically proven to significantly increase the hydration of the skin after a single application and to have a 24 hour moisturisation effect
26,40 €
Picture of Instant Lifting Serum

Instant Lifting Serum

Lifting and Tightening
9,35 €
Picture of Intensive Night Serum

Intensive Night Serum

Restoration and Anti-ageing
9,47 €